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Build Trust to Grow Sales

If 80% of sales are won on the 5th to 12th contact – why is it that 48% of all business Professionals never follow up with prospects beyond that first contact?

There’s only so much of it.

Business Professionals responsible for growing sales opportunities to meet this month’s sales target maximize their time by concentrating on HOT Prospects ready to buy today.

It’s what they’ve trained for and what they do best. Getting potential clients interested, soliciting needs and answering objections before closing the deal to create new clients which contribute to this month’s target.

And you know you’d close more prospects – if only you could get in front of more of the ones who are truly interested.

That’s exactly what Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist, does!

Works with salespeople responsible for generating sales and their managers who provide resources to build and grow sales opportunities, to start conversations and follow up to book appointments which put you in front of more prospects. Conversations that start the qualification process and filter out tire kickers to fill your pipeline with prospects ready for you to turn into new clients.

Not sure if this business development sales support service could help you and your team?

Take this quick test.

When was the last time you reviewed your prospect list or your client list to uncover hidden opportunities? Has it been 30 days? 60 days? 365 days? Since they’ve heard from you?

Did You Know?
60% of your potential clients will not be HOT and ready to buy during the initial conversation?

Is it possible some opportunities are withering away and you’re leaving money on the table?

Are you positive your current system is directing EVERYONE into your sales funnel and maximizing the potential?

Why not start the conversation. Call Cheryl today at 647-556-5101 or EMAIL Cheryl to schedule a time to discuss your requirements.

The sooner you call or email the sooner you can start getting in front of more prospects.

Why Wait!

Hear What Other Business Mangers Have To Say About Engaging Cheryl

Cheryl’s program offers a creative, yet matter-of-fact, reminder of what we all need to do with clients and prospects: follow up. Cheryl’s tools and systems are effective and will likely be exactly what you are looking for.

Cheryl’s program will give you the tools and mindset to go well beyond that fifth attempt.

Perry Catena, BA, CFP
Regional Director, Investors Group, Burlington ON

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Business Development Sales Support Servicess

Here are some examples of how we can work in a co-creative partnership (a blend of strategic consultation and business development tactical application) to put you and your company consistently in front of prospects to BUILD TRUST and MAXIMIZE the sales potential buried in your prospect list.

  • OUTBOUND CALLING | List Building
    • Verify contact information – Gather market intelligence
    • Appointment Setting – Trade Show Follow Up
      Get to know you meetings + follow ups to rekindle the conversation
    • Client satisfaction surveys
    • Speaker Spots
  • SALES LEAD MANAGEMENT | CRM Customer Relationship Management
    • Organize sales leads into one central database
      your back office Follow Up Marketing ENGINE
    • Segment your database list into Prospect, Client, Partner etc
    • Manage appointments + follow ups
    • Set up / Manage Opportunities
    • Set up / Manage Projects + Tasks
    • Power Point development
    • Online Training – Webinar Development / Management, Audio Editing
    • White Paper / eBook Development
    • Word Press Website Development / Management
    • LinkedIn – Profile Development / Optimization / List Building

All business development sales support services are designed with one goal in mind – to keep you connected until the 5th – 12th contact where 80% of sales are WON!

This is where you really start filtering out the tire kickers and filling your pipeline with QUALIFIED PROSPECTS ready for you to turn into new clients.

Start The Conversation

about Business Development Sales Support Services which start connected conversations to showcase your company to more prospects while building trust, nurturing relationships and positioning you as the expert resource to increase your sales opportunities.

The sooner you call or email the sooner you can start getting in front of more prospects.

Why Wait!

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Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Specialist, has a wealth of strategic resources ready to share with you to create and launch your systematized approach to lead generation with the specific intent of following up to generate more sales opportunities.

Don’t wait to tap into the key business building strategies you need to maximize sales potential and move forward to harness technology and automate your prospecting process. All the business development sales support services and training offered create your back office Follow Up Marketing ENGINE of connected conversations that nurture relationships and build trust while filtering out tire kickers and filling your pipeline with qualified prospects ready for you to turn into new clients.

Great things are not done by impulse. but by a series of small things brought together.
Vincent Van Gough