Warren Business Development Center Inc.

Location– Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Position: Executive Assistant to the CEO Founder, Sales Lead Manager, Business Development

“Truly remarkable success”

As the leader of a business working with small and medium to large sized companies, Eric Gilboord of WarrenBDC (Warren Business Development Center) found he was increasingly spending his time on business development tasks such as lead generation, follow-up and general business operations.

“It comes down to the 80:20 principle,” explains Eric. “In many ways, lead generation is a numbers game. For example you might need to make three phone calls and send out two emails to schedule one meeting.”

As a result Eric found his time getting sucked up on the initial 80%, when he needed to be able to concentrate on the 20% of the business which was more strategic. “It’s a combination of the physical time it takes to do the work, but it’s also the time it takes my mind away from thinking about our overall strategy,” continues Gilboord.
WarrenBDC works with boomer-age business owners, providing value enhancement, facilitation and brokerage services when they are looking to acquire, or sell, established companies. “My background is in marketing” explains Eric, “We’ve monitored market-trends and as a result we’ve diversified and pivoted to provide a variety of services for established, good sized companies. For example, we can prepare their business for sale by making it more valuable, as well as facilitating the sale and helping to integrate the new company”.
As WarrenBDC grew, Eric was looking to build his team and optimize his processes, which is when he was introduced to Cheryl Scoffield.  Known as ‘The Follow Up Specialist’, Cheryl draws upon over 20 years’ experience in sales, working with business owners and running her own sales lead management services company. Cheryl works in partnership with business owners, providing a systematic approach in order to increase sales opportunities.

“We’ve progressed a great deal in the past 2 years,” says Eric, “and Cheryl has been involved throughout the process as a wonderful follow up professional, getting potential clients and partners to communicate with us”. As the company progresses, Eric pays close attention to what is happening in the market in order to understand where the new opportunities lie and Cheryl plays an important role in all these conversations.

“From day one, Cheryl was able to pinpoint what they could do in order to streamline the process and bring in more sales. We had a CRM in place and Cheryl helped us to maximize the system and create documentation around our processes. So now we have effective on-boarding procedures, which we use when bringing new people on board, whether client or specialist.” continues Eric. “Cheryl has put the time into integrating the systems, to ensure they provide maximum benefit for the business.”

Having these procedures in place, as well as specialist follow up support from Cheryl, has made a huge impact both on the business and on Gilboord’s day-to-day workload.

“Working with Cheryl has allowed me to offload a significant number of calls, emails and coordination of meetings,” he explains. “Having her contact somebody is valuable because – a) She has the right kind of personality and b) Functionally it saves me a lot of time”.

Eric has also found working with a specialist to manage follow up and increase sales has helped to raise the stature of WarrenBDC in the eyes of the people they work with. “People are impressed with her and they’re impressed that functionally we have someone taking care of the follow up,” he explains.

Cheryl explains why having a streamlined process is so important when building a business: “Often, when a client is looking to grow their business, they believe the best solution is to put more horses out the front, add more sales reps.  In reality a huge part of the solution is actually to increase the effectiveness of their sales lead management, project management as well as the general business operations,” she says.

As a result of working in partnership with Cheryl, WarrenBDC generated approximately three quarters of a million dollars in the sales funnel in the first 2 years of working together.

Undoubtedly Gilboord knows that if he hadn’t worked with Cheryl, he’d still be spending a large portion of his time on the tactical 80%, instead of concentrating on the strategic work necessary to drive the business forward. “The best use of my time is to have conversations with people, whether it’s within the business or potential clients who have been referred to us. Working with Cheryl allows me to spend my time having those conversations, which enables me to refine our approach. Because of this, the business is now more advanced than it would have been without her”.

Eric would highly recommend working with Cheryl to ensure you have sales follow up processes in place. “I have had truly remarkable success connecting with prospects and potential partners through the expertise, tenacity and ongoing efforts of Cheryl Scoffield. I would recommend her services to anyone.”


ThyssenKrupp Speciality Steels North America

Location – Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Position: Executive Assistant to the senior management team, consisting of a General Manager, VP Sales and VP Operations.
“. . simple straightforward communication and remarkable results.”
Situation: The company was going through an expansion and transition at the time Cheryl was hired.
New machinery was being added to increase value and the Chicago-based H.O. was negotiating with its parent company in Germany.

Actions taken: Cheryl assisted the General Manager in compiling confidential financial and operational performance reports for presentations at the North American and global Board of Director reviews.

Cheryl was a loyal and dedicated support employee who willingly took on new tasks while balancing the priorities demanded of her by three busy executives.

I found the quality of her work to be excellent, especially in MS Word and Excel. Her flexible and pleasant manner allowed for simple straightforward communication and remarkable results.”

Judy Wolfe-Foster
General Manager
ThyssenKrupp Specialty Steel NA

To support the capital investment, marketing materials were developed for promotion through field representatives, trade magazines and trade shows.

Cheryl managed all pre-production and preparatory activities for the project including:

  • Photographic Management – New machinery photography and management review of photos and first drafts of copy writing.
  • Marketing Management – Booked the advertising placements and organized the company’s presence at trade shows where new services would be promoted.
  • Order Coordination – Ensured operator could upload customer’s CAD drawings to new CNC machine
  • In House Publicity – Managed customer tours of the plant during the company’s annual golf tournament to showcase new machinery.



Vasogen Inc

a biotechnology pharmaceutical firm in Mississauga, Ontario Canada
” . . . allowed me to focus on other priorities.”
” . . . pivotal in helping the company prepare for Regulatory Audits”
Position: Clinical & Regulatory Coordinator

Situation: The Phase III ACCLAIM cardiovascular clinical trial of their Celacade™ device was being conducted in 96 North American sites. Success was pivotal to the company’s future. An overwhelming amount of documentation had been generated and the accuracy of the analysis tool (clinical document tracker) was suspect. The project was behind schedule, causing a crisis of confidence among all teams involved.

Cheryl joined the clinical team to verify the data on the over 8,000 U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada regulatory documents to update the tracker. During the project, she worked directly with Clinical Directors, Project Managers, Compliance Manager, Canadian and US Clinical Research Associates and an existing Clinical/Regulatory Coordinator.

“Cheryl Scoffield was instrumental in working with Document Control to update these trackers. Her flexible, pleasant manner and attention to detail assisted us in successfully managing this challenging project and allowed me to focus on other priorities. I found Cheryl to be an asset to the team and always willing to step in and take on a new task.”

Hilde Fuchs
Senior Clinical Project Manager,
Vasogen Inc.

“One of the main focuses of Cheryl’s job was to review an extensive amount of documents relating to a major international trial. Her leadership and flexibility in taking charge of this challenging project was pivotal in helping the company prepare for Regulatory Audits to the close of the study. Cheryl is always cheerful and a joy to have on a team where the stress can be high. She remains calm and collected at all times.”

Yvonne Quinn, GCP
Compliance Manager, Vasogen Inc.

Action Taken: Cheryl’s original project mandate:

  • Identify missing documents
  • Attend departmental meetings
  • Coordinate document collection from sites, and
  • Assist with day-to-day administration of the trial

She restored the exactness of the clinical document tracker by analyzing its operation and adjusting the default settings. From there, the trackers’ functionality was expanded to capture additional data necessary for the trial’s closure.


The deadline for the first stage of the project was met and Cheryl was retained for the trial’s closure phase. She re-verified all documentation, after which the site files were sealed for auditing by the FDA and Health Canada regulatory authorities.

Her contributions allowed the trial to be closed on time .






Air Liquide

Compressed Gas Industry – an international company, Burlington, Ontario Canada

Position:Sales Coordinator at company’s Oakville sales office (3 month contract) supporting Sales Manger and a team of 4 outside bulk industrial gas sales reps in high-volume Southwestern Ontario Region (Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton).

Cheryl managed flow of sales contracts between branch and HO, administered pricing, installations, first deliveries and consolidated invoices for tier 1 client within an Oracle system.

Pre-existing situation High turnover characterized the position, which disrupted the sales team’s effectiveness. Other departments were adversely affected with their staff forced to compensate.

Associated challenge

  1. Customary transfer of knowledge from retiring coordinator to new hires perennially incomplete resulting in inaccurate work, long hours and high stress
  2. Lack of procedural documentation made the job unwelcome for company personnel asked to serve as interim coordinator and/or back-up
  3. Over previous 2 years, knowledge of Sales Coordinator’s role and responsibilities had decreased
  4. Sales manager was working overtime running reports normally generated by the coordinator and therefore, had limited time to spend orientating

Action Taken: To assure smooth handoffs in the future, Cheryl created the company’s first Sales Coordinator’s Process Manual. It detailed all processes, priorities, responsibilities and paper flows associated with the position. Information sourced through staff interviews, especially those who interacted with the sales department.

Subsequent calls to the company confirm the Process Manual is still being used.

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Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Specialist, has a wealth of strategic resources ready to share with you to create and launch your systematized approach to lead generation with the specific intent of following up to maximize the sales potential buried in your prospect list.

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu