Discover Your Next Step Strategy Session

Attention Business Professionals, Service Providers, Consultants and Business Coaches, Network Marketing, Sales Professionals and Sales Managers responsible for growing sales opportunities and helping your team grow sales opportunities.

Your 2 Hour One on One Strategy Session to assess where you are today with your lead generation and follow up activities and create a plan to improve your results in the future.

During Your Strategy Session we’ll assess

  • Where are you today?
    Prospecting and Follow Up Audit to discover what processes, resources and tools you currently have in place.
  • What’s needed to move forward?
    Spring Forward Map to identify what’s missing to make the processes, resources and tools you currently have more effective.
  • What’s next?
    Next Steps Action Plan to shine a spotlight on what’s ahead and bring clarity to what needs to be done to bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

    Your Action Plan will be delivered within a few days. It will summarize our discussion and itemize your Next Steps to take action.

At the end of your one on one strategy session you’ll have practical ideas you can use today to breakthrough the overwhelm of competing ideas that are preventing, not only your follow up but ultimately the growth of your business.

You’ll know how to establish a method that guides EVERYONE into your sales funnel.
Discover Your Next Step 2 Hour ONLINE Strategy Session $397


Discover Your Next Step 2 Hour IN PERSON Strategy Session $499

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Let’s get started!

Best for: Progressive Business Professionals who want to discover the next steps to activate their current resources to develop follow up to maximize their business development investment in trade shows, association meetings and networking events.

“Advanced Innovative Marketing Strategies”

Cheryl’s first (Discover Your Next Step) meeting with us was nothing short of insightful.

She listened to our wish list and quickly came up with advanced innovative marketing strategies in today’s competitive markets. She went as far as volunteering time to achieve our goals. Her experience provided us with actionable ideas to generate leads and a sequence of follow up steps.

Andrea Skerry, Relationship Manager
Park Lane Financial Group Ltd., Burlington, Ontario

“Blew Us Away With Her Expertise”

Cheryl came into our office, (Discover Your Next Step) and blew us away with her expertise in what at the end of the day, really matters most, converting leads and prospects into paying customers.

Her techniques in value proposition and sales funnel creation are as brilliant and fine- tuned as those taught by big names like Jill Konrath. What’s more is that I was delighted by her approach even more. Make sure that an opportunity with her does not pass you by.
Highly recommended, 5 star rating!

Anna Mishenberg, Copywriter
Syndakit Media Corp., Toronto, Ontario

Discover Your Next Step Strategy Session was the most productive half hour I’ve spent.

Cheryl gave me multiple ideas to follow through, from engaging a larger customer base through social media channels to developing a corporate travel incentive/team building marketing strategy.

I run a themed travel company that has grown fast and organically. Cheryl’s insight was focused and incisive in how to reclaim the direction of that growth.

I have homework! I’ll be back. Thank you Cheryl!

Shila Desai, CEO Founder
E.Y.H.O. Tours, Toronto, Ontario

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Business Development Training


Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist also offers a wide range of Digital Marketing and Business Development Training sessions.

To access the full range of training available please visit Kickstart Your Company.

Seats in each training session are LIMITED – to give each participant an opportunity to step into The BUSINESS GROWTH SPOTLIGHT and get their questions answered.

Any of these business development training sessions can become a DONE FOR YOU SERVICE.
Contact Cheryl to schedule a time to discuss your requirements.

Cheryl is also available for travel to conferences or trade shows. Contact Cheryl  to discuss your requirements.

You could spend hours reading up on blogging and still be left with questions, or you could elect to attend a blogging workshop, hosted by Cheryl.

The second option, which is a very interactive session, will give you the confidence and knowledge to get on with blogging in a much quicker and efficient way.

That’s what ‘kick starting’ is all about.

Amandeep Sangha
VP Business Development,
Beacon Financial Solutions Inc. Toronto Ontario


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Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Specialist, has a wealth of strategic resources ready to share with you to create and launch your systematized approach to lead generation with the specific intent of following up to maximize the sales potential buried in your prospect list.

Tap into the business development ‘Done For You’ Virtual Sales Support Services you need to get organized today. Then move forward to harness technology and automate your prospecting process to create your back office Follow Up Marketing ENGINE of connected conversations that build trust while filtering out tire kickers and filling your pipeline with qualified prospects ready for you to turn into new clients.

“Great things are not done by impulse.
But by a series of small things brought together.”
Vincent Van Gough